Motivate students to

READ widely, deeply

confidently &  DAILY

A motivating curriculum, tailored to grades 3-6.

The Read Side by Side Reading Program increases reading motivation and builds reading skill by teaching students to read longer, more complex fiction and nonfiction.

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As students enter 3rd grade, they reach a much anticipated milestone; they shift from learning to read to reading to learn. Comprehension becomes the prominent focus of  instruction and teaching materials shift from picture books to chapter books.  The Read Side by Side Reading Program is your 3-6 solution!

What matters most for middle-grade students?

Motivation matters.

As reading motivation increases, a child's reading ability and confidence as a reader also increases. A child who is motivated to read will read more widely, deeply, and more often.


Knowledge matters.

➕The more knowledge a child brings to the page, the better the child's reading comprehension. The very act of reading increases text-structure, vocabulary, and comprehension knowledge.


Volume of reading also matters.

➕The more a child reads, the more exposed that child is to new vocabulary and the development of knowledge. It is recommended that children in the middle grades read no less than 10 pages or 2,000 words a day.



The Read Side by Side Reading Program is the only program on the market that teaches a text-structure approach to reading comprehension.
🔍 Students read like detectives; they are taught the C. I. A. (Collect-Interpret-Apply) Approach.
📚 Students at all levels seek out longer, more complex novels with confidence and success!
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  • This curriculum has been the transforming element of our classroom this year!  Kids beg to read the books and I can already see the students making so much progress.
    Betsy Donahue
    4th Grade Teacher, MN
  • This program has set the bar for reading instruction. It truly enables our students to fall in love with reading again.
    Hillary Cullen
    3rd Grade Teacher, WA
  • I use this program with my special education students I have witnessed the success and joy this gives my students.
    Melissa Petersen
    Special Education Teacher, WA
  • I have never seen a program work for native children and children of color the way this program does. It is a culturally responsive, gap closing curriculum.
    Kristen Dewitte
    Administrator, WA
  • “My sixth grade son has been a struggling reader. The C.I.A. approach has given him a new confidence in himself as a reader and an excitement for reading.”
    Laura Hevland
    Teacher & Parent, WA

Are you looking for a reading program to raise motivation and achievement?

We are confident that the Read Side by Side Reading Program will meet this goal.  We'd love to talk with you!

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Teachers, administrators, students, and parents are challenged more than ever before. Our goal is to provide resources that are classroom tested, easy to use, and sustainable over time. As a small company, founded by a 10-year veteran teacher, we promise to go the extra-mile for you!

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We're here for education.

Education is changing, and we're changing with it! No matter what the newest teaching trend is, we promise to stay research and evidence based. Just because something is popular, doesn't mean it works. You can trust our newly launched products to be tried-and-true; products that will withstand the waves of change.

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Many parents today are unsure how to help their children learn, yet say they would be willing to spend more time on homework or other learning activities if they were given more guidance from teachers. (Source: Reading Rockets)  Our goal is to increase the school and home connection by expanding our products for parents.  Find out more about these products on the Home Resources page and share this page with families.

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