Writing in response to reading increases confidence and skill!

Writing frames help students write short summaries in response to reading.

New! Narrative and expository writing units help students draft, revise, edit, and publish their own writing. To teach the units, you will need a 30 minute writing block, 2-4 days per week.

4th Lewis & Clark

5th Grade Writing Units


5.1 Realistic Fiction

5.2 Persuasive

5.3 Historical Fiction

5.4 Expository

5.5 Science Fiction

4th Grade Writing Units


4.1 Realistic Fiction

4.2 Fantasy

4.3 Persuasive

4.4 Historical Fiction

4.5 Expository

6th Grade Writing Units


6.1 Realistic Fiction

6.2 Expository

6.3 Persuasive

Grammar & Spelling

Between each of the writing units, we suggest using the 30 minute writing block to supplement with grammar and spelling lessons. While we do not currently have lessons for grammar and spelling, we can suggest the following resources:


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