Read Side by Side Reading Program

A 3-part curriculum design to accelerate reading growth for grades 3-6.

3.2 Read Aloud

Part 1: Read Aloud

Teachers read-aloud as students follow along in their own copy of the text. The teacher models strategies and skills and students are engaged in learning.

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3.2 Book Club

Part 2: Book Clubs

Students show the transfer of skill as they read independently and collaborate with peers. Differentiation is provided through 3-levels of texts.

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3.2 Book Box Tall

Part 3: Extended Reading

Students select books from the classroom library . Book boxes match students the same genres, topics, and themes.

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Program Guide

Read about the Read Side by Side Reading Program for grades 3-6.

Program Overview

Watch the Program Overview Video. Run time: 17 min.

Program Alignment

Learn how the program aligns to the standards and the science.


Across the 3-6 program, all students will read 36 novels.

  • A wide range of genres,
  • A wide range of topics,
  • Increasing lengths; and
  • Increasing complexity.

This is the first approach that I've seen to help students (and adults!) clearly identify the author's message and have the tools necessary to tackle a complex text; the expectations of the Common Core. Thank you!

Curriculum Director, Conotton Valley School District, Ohio

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Each unit teaches a text structure approach to reading:

  • Collect critical information,
  • Interpret the text; and
  • Apply the text to your life.

Classroom Resources

This page provides links to a variety of tools for teachers including downloadable pages, assessment tools, writing tools, and more!

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Training & Consulting

It is easy to get trained in the program and stay refreshed year-after-year. Our unique approach to PD provides timely and flexible courses.

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