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Reading Program

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What matters most for middle-grade readers?


The Read Side by Side Reading Program provides a highly motivating curriculum design, tailored specifically to the needs of middle-grade readers. The pride of the program is the use of award winning trade-books your students will want to read!

  • 6.1 Unit W
  • 5.1 Unit W
  • 4.1 Unit W
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A three-part curriculum design!

Part 1: Read-Aloud

1. Read-Aloud: Teachers model and guide students to read grade-level text.

2. Book Club: Students work independently to read differentiated texts. 

3. Extended Reading: Students self-select titles from the classroom book boxes.

New writing units increase reading and writing connections! 

  • Writing W
  • Part 3 W
  • Part 2 W
  • Part 1 W

A text-structure approach to comprehension!

Quadrant 1: Collect

All of the lessons in the Read Side by Side Reading Program teach students to use the structure of the text to facilitate strategy use. Students are taught to divide the text into quadrants, then read like detectives using the CIA approach!

  • Raising the Standards book
  • Quadrant 4 - Apply
  • Quadrant 3 - Interpret
  • Quadrant 2 - Interpret
  • Quadrant 1 - Collect

Proven to increase motivation and skill!

The Read Side by Side Reading Program was formally evaluated in 2017 using a quasi-experimental study.  Results showed significant growth in motivation and reading achievement, with an overall effect size of .86! 

  • 64 books
  • 9 genres
  • 18 units
  • 4 grades

Adopt a reading program everyone will love!

Teachers ❤️

4th Grade Teacher, MN: "This program has been the transforming element of my classroom! My students beg to read!" 

3rd Grade Teacher, WA: "This program sets the bar for reading instruction. It enables all students to love reading!" 

Administrator, WA: "This is a culturally responsive, gap-closing curriculum!"

  • Boy writing
  • Kids reading Into Land of Unicorns
  • Girls and readers notebook
  • Teachers dress up for Poppy
  • 2017 School of Detectives

Serving public and private schools across the US!

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Not sure if the program is right for you?

We are confident the Read Side by Side Reading Program is the right fit for your next curriculum adoption! To learn more about the program and request a sample kit, connect with one of our advisors!