Creating the Perfect Reading Nook for Kids

by Sarah Collinge | Feb 17, 2021 8:38:01 AM

Encouraging children to foster a love of books and reading at an early age is an excellent way to set them up for their future. However, getting our children to want to read is a task much easier said than done. Creating a comfortable, quiet and unique space for your kids to read can be the perfect way for them to fall in love with the world of literature. That’s why we’ve reached out to the experts from Sacramento to Philadelphia to provide you with some ideas for creating the perfect reading space for your children. So sit back, and check out these imaginative reading nook ideas to help your child foster a lifelong love of books and learning.

Find a space unique to your home

A cozy corner or window-nook makes an inviting reading area in your home. When planning a space, make sure to allow room for adults and children to Read Side by Side. A love-seat, oversized chair, or bench creates an intimate space for families to read together. Get everyone involved by personalizing the space with favorite books and illustrations displayed on the wall. - Read Side by Side

Emerging research has proven what book lovers have always known: reading is an incredible tool for developing empathy and compassion. Help your family step into the experiences of others through the power of story, by creating a space your family will want to linger. Choose a cozy corner near the main action of your home, making it easy to weave storytime throughout your days at home. Add a string of fairy lights and an irresistible collection of blankets and throw pillows. Then gather your favorite titles and conversation starters from the big-hearted book lists at Doing Good Together. - Doing Good Together

Let them lend a hand

When creating a reading space it is beneficial to include your child in creating the nook. Let them pick out a favorite blanket or lamp, and most importantly, some of the books! If they know there are books they're interested in, they'll want to spend time there. And make sure their books are within their reach. - Bookroo

Put yourself in their shoes

Kids prefer to read books they've chosen by themselves, and setting up a reading nook for your littlest ones encourages a love of reading from an early age.  Toddlers and pre-readers choose a book by the cover, not the spine, so a forward-facing kids bookshelf is a must.   Mom and violin maker; Geraldine designed the first forward-facing bookshelf for the home, the Tidy Books bookcase in 2004   It encourages kids to read, is space-saving (less than 3 inches deep), holds 85 books and is safely attached to the wall, so can't topple.  Create a book nook with Tidy Books and start your kid's lifelong journey into reading. - Tidy Books

Take it outside

Enjoy reading outside! Create a book basket that your child can take outside to read in a cozy chair on the deck, under a tree, or even in a tent on a warm night! Fresh air, a warm breeze, and a great story… what could be better than that?! -Language Lizard

Give it a personal touch

To create an inviting reading nook for your kid(s), begin with the things they care about – favorite topics, color schemes, books, or pillows – and use that inside info to customize your cozy corner. Providing personal and compelling choices will give your child(ren) a sense of ownership and pride around their special spot, which engages them more deeply and helps to foster a love of reading. - Story Shares

Keep it fresh

A comfy reading nook can be created in places you may not expect. “Changing your environment keeps things interesting and fresh just when you start to lose focus and attention,” says Leslie Josel, author of How to Do It Now Because It’s Not Going Away. Some favorite places her readers have identified for reading and learning include: under the kitchen table, the bathtub, the floor of the closet, the attic, and the backyard. And one tip that always works: a blanket and a flashlight seem to set the stage for reading a scary story, no matter where you are. - Lerner Publishing Group

Make reading an experience

Of course, one can read almost anywhere. That’s one of its great advantages. But making reading a particularly pleasurable experience for your children will pay handsome dividends – both in initiating them into a lifetime relationship with books and in contributing to the development of their young minds. The best reading nooks are inviting and cozy. A bit of bright paint in your child’s favorite colors may do the trick. Another possibility for encouraging your young’uns to snuggle up with a good book is to provide some kind of hideout… a box, a tent, a curtained-off area that they can crawl into and feel like they’re in a special snug place to enjoy a good read. - Shanahan On Literacy

Give them a variety of books to choose from

Having a dedicated library/ reading area in your home has been correlated with future academic success. Be sure to stock a good selection and wide variety to choose from. Kids especially gravitate to non-fiction books full of fun facts about their topic of interest. To maintain interest, rotate books every few months and include some holiday and seasonal titles! - Stop & Play

Incorporate books into your decor

Remember that children's books are also art. Not only does seeing a favorite book inspire reading and learning, but it adds color and excitement to your space. Hang shallow floating ledge shelves and face beautiful book covers out. Many of your family's favorite illustrators also sell prints of their work, so you can frame scenes from beloved books to accent a reading nook. - Mary Kole

Get cozy

When creating reading nooks, they are often within corners and odd spots, without access to direct heating. To keep the room cozy and warm, it's best practice to make sure that the area is insulated properly to trap heat and keep the room breathable during the summer. To keep the room warm, yet breathable, incorporate comfortable materials. Hang thick curtains over the windows, use plush blankets and foam-filled cushions that provide extra comfort when you sit for a long time. - Wurk Services

Keep it organized

Organize your children's books by color. This makes it easier for them to put books away when they are done, and the space needs very little decor because the books themselves act as decor. - A Toddler & A Topknot

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