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November 14 2013

Vocab Handbooks

One part of the CIA program that I really enjoy is the vocabulary handbooks.  This is a great way to teach new vocab words to students.  By introducing them to a word before they hear/read it in the text it really helps students with their comprehension.  This allows them to identify these words and how they are used in context instead of reading over the unknown meaning of a word.  I use the CIA Teacher Manual Vocabulary Mini-Lesson Routine every day that we start a lesson with a vocab word.

November 12 2013

Vocabulary Handbook

At the end of each CIA unit of study are the pages of the Vocabulary Handbook.  I make sure that the handbook is copied for each student and hole-punched so they can keep it in their binders.  I have written all the vocabulary words on sentence strips.  Each day I post it in the pocket chart above the turn and talk stem for the day.  After the day’s lesson I put the word card in the Vocabulary pocket chart so students can see it whenever they need to.

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