Hooked on C. I. A.: Reflections on the Year

by RSBSADMIN | Jun 25, 2014 2:50:31 PM

My CIA experience this year was AMAZING!  My students are hooked on the CIA reading program!  Here are our teacher and student reflections on the year:

Teacher Reflection

One of the biggest things I have noticed from my students this year is their confidence in reading and writing.  They have all made huge strides in my classroom this year.  I have a couple of ELL and several IEP students this year.  They really benefited from using the CIA stems for the writing projects.  All of my students improved their writing with organization this year.  Each end of quadrant piece of writing had transition words with a clear introduction and wrap-up conclusion.  Students were then able to transfer their understanding of organization into their everyday writing!

Using CIA has made me a better teacher in reading and writing.  I feel more comfortable asking engaging questions about the book and my students made more connections with the characters over this year than any year before.Once we wrapped up our Streams unit I created a student reflection for their CIA experience in 4th grade:

Student Reflection

  • “CIA has helped my build my writing stamina because now I can write longer and include more details about the book.”
  • “CIA has made me a better reader because now I can read chapter books!”
  • “With CIA I have learned how to comprehend the book better.  I can break a book down into smaller parts so I understand it.”


Students were even answering state test questions with “When the passage said, I was thinking…”

I hope you enjoyed following along with my classroom as we worked through our books this year!

Written by Ryan Painter --- 4th Grade Teacher

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