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We bring you a novel based program, written by teachers, proven to increase motivation and confidence as readers. The three-part curriculum design includes units of study for read-aloud and book clubs, and selected titles for independent reading.

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Which Program Is Right For You?

Classroom Bundle

Purchase a full year of curriculum. Perfect for building level and district adoptions!

Unit Bundle

Order one unit at a time. The right size for small budgets, special programs, and classroom pilots.

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Need replacement books? Order one item at a time. This option allows flexibility.

What is the C. I. A. Approach?

We’re teachers too, see how the proven the method is one of the only evidence-based programs teaching kids learn to love reading.


Kristin Dewitte
Administrator, Seattle, WA

I have never seen a program work for native children and children of color the way this program does.  It is a culturally responsive, gap closing curriculum.

Marie Morse
Administrator, Worcester, MA

We love the program and the growth we are seeing in our students.

Hillary Cullen
3rd Grade Teacher, Sunnyside, WA

This program sets the bar for reading instruction.  It truly enables our students to fall in love with reading again.

Haley Maxfield
3rd Grade Teacher, Deer Park, WA

I am so excited about this program because my students are begging me to read!  I have never experienced this with any other curriculum.

Lindsay Buff
4th Grade Teacher, Everett, WA

The C. I. A. Approach allows readers of all levels to access texts with rich vocabulary and plot.  With this program, I am better able to serve my students.

Shelby Liesing
5th Grade Teacher, Mukilteo, WA

I have watched this program turn poor readers into strong readers.  Students that once told me they hated reading now can’t wait till we begin book groups.  Thank you for being willing to put out a program that allows students to fall in love with reading and understand what it is they are reading.

Melissa Petersen
Teacher, Toppenish, WA

I use this program with my special education students and have witnessed the success and joy it gives them.

Ellen Tennis
Homeschool Teacher & Parent

This method is wonderful for homeschooling parents because the units are scripted out, and the path to independence is clear.

Plus-Plus Tutoring

The C. I. A. units of study offer a research-based approach to reading comprehension that has resulted in various success stories. There is no other process that utilizes and combines numerous reading strategies in order to meet the needs of students on all reading levels.