Read-aloud to build knowledge and teach comprehension skill. 

Read Aloud

The benefits of reading aloud to older students:

  • ALL students participate in the reading of grade-level text.New Shop Icons II.002
  • The teacher models fluent reading and comprehension skill.
  • Students practice with a peer, and gain confidence as readers.
  • Students receive explicit vocabulary instruction, and are given the opportunity to use new words in speaking and writing.

During read-aloud, the teacher reads the text aloud to students as they follow along in their own copy of the text.  Students are relieved of the challenging tasks of decoding and reading fluently. The teacher models fluent reading and students follow along in their own copy of the text.  Students engage with the text through turn and talk discussion, note-taking, and writing about reading. 

  • After finishing Poppy, my students were so eager to start another read-aloud that I had to have The War With Grandpa overnighted to my school!
    3rd Grade Teacher
  • I wouldn't ever have imagined the great ideas and connections my students were capable of making if not for turn and talks and sharing.
    Mary Mortimer
    5th Grade Teacher
  • My students are more confident readers because the skills are explicitly and systematically taught.
    Lisa Meyer
    Reading Specialist

Sample Read-Aloud Lesson Structure:

Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 11.54.14 AM

Read-Aloud Lesson Format

  1. Connect what students learned yesterday to what they are learning today.
  2. Teach a comprehension skill.
  3. Model how to apply that comprehension skill in the text being read.
  4. Guide students in practicing the comprehension skill with turn and talk discussion and note-taking.
  5. Connect what they learned today to independent reading.

All lessons are scripted for the teacher in an easy-to-follow format!

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