Book clubs differentiate instruction to meet the needs of individual learners. 

Book Club

The benefits of book clubs: 

  • ALL students participate in independently reading text at their instructional level.New Shop Icons II.003
  • Students receive small group instruction and intervention catered to their unique needs.
  • Groups are flexible; students move up in level across the year.
  • Students practice with a peer, and gain confidence as readers.
  • Students demonstrate the transfer of skills.
  • Students broaden their reading interests.

A unique feature of the book club units:

Students will practice the same skill each day, no matter what book they are reading!  The teacher teaches one whole-class mini-lesson, then all students practice the same skill in the book they have been assigned.  Each student finishes their book on the same day!  It's brilliant!

  • My students thank you for selecting such excellent books that inspire them to become lifelong readers.
    Todd McLaughlin
    5th Grade Teacher
  • I have used book clubs in my classroom previously, but they were unorganized and didn't have much individual accountability. Now I have the tools to turn them into engaging, challenging experiences for all my readers.
    Tony Koumaros
    4th Grade Teacher
  • I love this program because of the student discourse it encourages, and how the strategies and techniques can be used with any book my students read!
    Elizabeth Guerrero
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Book Club Lesson Format

  1. Connect what students learned yesterday to what they are learning today.
  2. Review a comprehension skill.
  3. Guide students in practicing the comprehension skill in their book club text.
  4. Facilitate discussion during book club meetings.

All lessons, including book club discussions, are scripted for the teacher in an easy-to-follow format!

Look Inside the Book Club Units

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